78mm High power led high-bay light with 60 view angle

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  • Brand name:Jin Shun
  • Power Supply:DC
  • Input voltage:220V
  • Emitting Color:Other
  • Diffuser:Other
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Product details
  • Brand name:Jin Shun
  • Power Supply:DC
  • Input voltage:220V
  • Emitting Color:Other
  • Diffuser:Other

Led glass lens for 30w-100w Highbay light 


GT-78-4NA lens 2.jpg


1)Material: optical glass(borosilicate),K9,BK7,B270


2) Light transmittance: 95%( coated lens can up to 97%)


3) Working temperature: -50--800 degree


4) Reflective index: 1.474


5) Suitable for 30w-100w integrated led chip


6) View angle :50~60 degree


7) Size for reference:




60 deg size_.jpg



   GT-78-24NA  high bay light  



GT-78-24NA lens 1.jpg



GT-78-24NA lens 2.jpg



With bracket and sealing ring


GT-78-4NA set 2.jpg


GT-78NA set.jpg


GT-78NA set2 .jpg

30~100W Led chip


GT-78NA lightsourece_.jpg



Simulation effect chart



GT-78NA _.jpg



Light distribution


60deg .jpg



Assembly drawing


60 deg .jpg




application for highbay 1_.jpgapplication for highbay 2_.jpg





1) Made of borosilicate glass, high heat resistant: 500-600 centigrade


2) clear and transparent, no mould markd,no inside bubble and dirts


3)  adopt high precision aspheric design and superior optical glass, strictly perform ROHS


    environmental standard


4) Customized lens available



GT lens company feature:


1) we can provide technical and professional optical system


2) we can supply the lens with advanced optical technology


3) we can offer lens group with different optical lens


4) we have studied out the reflector cup which will offer the well mixed facular and angle


5) we can provide optical modules and accessories.




Some same series products:


GT-78-4NA:view angle 90 deg.


GT-78-19NA :View angle 120 deg.


GT-78-19NA lens 1.jpg



78mm High power led high-bay light with 60 view angle

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